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Weight Management Course

Course Outline


Week 1- Welcome to the course, measurements and goalsetting


Week 2- Macronutrients I


Week 3- Macronutrients II


Week 4- Micronutrients


Week 5- Eating for fat loss 1


Week 6- Eating for fat loss 2


Week 7- Psychology of eating


Week 8- Exercise


Week 9- Summary Session


Week 10- Final weigh in & the way forward

Do you struggle to lose weight? And then struggle even more to keep it off?


awpt has designed a 10 week Weight Management Course to help you achieve your desired weight and maintain it.


Learn why 'diets' don't work, about how creating balance in your diet will help you lose that unwanted fat and keep it off.


With full body measurements at the start and end of the 10 week course to see you progress, and a weekly weigh in to help keep you motivated and on track.

"I've lost 3 dress sizes on the course and am smaller now than I have been for over 2 years! Thank you"

For more information, course dates and enquiries contact us.