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Rachel Everett

For years I have tried to keep in shape and watch my weight but never quite managed it.  My busy lifestyle meant it was difficult to attend regular classes (or gave me an excuse for not going) and I had become lazy about my diet.  Yoga and walking just weren’t enough any more and I was constantly tired so decided the time had come to make some serious changes.  


The advantages of training with Andrew are life changing.  I have the flexibility to fit regular weekly trips to the gym around my job and the discipline of the one to one sessions means I get so much more out of my workout, which is tailored to meet my particular goals.  After a couple of months I have changed the way I eat (importantly, I am not on a diet!) and seeing the changes to my body, weight and fitness levels mean I don’t ever want to go back to the way I was.  I haven’t been in such good shape and had so much energy for a long long time and can’t praise Andrew’s work enough.  





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