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Meg Maunder

I have worked with Andrew for over a year. In that time I have appreciated the importance of having a personal trainer who has the ability to reinforce my belief in regular exercise, good diet and a healthy lifestyle.


I joined the gym with the intention to return to fitness after serious illness and a long time of inactivity. I could not have had a more sympathetic and understanding personal trainer. He appreciates that I am not able to work at 100% and has been very thoughtful and sensitive in the targets he has set me. He has real skill in motivating and encouraging me to work towards these targets and gives me confidence as he knows his subject well.


I find Andrew very easy to talk to, he is a good listener and we have many interesting and helpful discussions. I feel so much better having had such careful guidance from Andrew. We now plan to increase activity levels and I am now confident that together we will meet the targets for this year.


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