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Jane Pearson

At the age of 53½, I know I’ll never have the six-pack, but I do have problems with flexibility in my joints and also with my balance.


At our first meeting, Andrew assessed my diet, general health, posture, the way I walk, aches and pains, flexibility and life style.  From this he was able to put together a fitness programme tailored to suit me.


After a day at work, it is sometimes an effort to train, but if it wasn’t for Andrew, I wouldn’t go at all.  I find I can’t let him down!  Even though I may not be very enthusiastic when I get to the studio, I always feel better after the training session (but don’t tell him that!).


Andrew accepts all my moans and groans, aches and pains in his usual equable and good humoured way.  He is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.  If I have a concern, he will make alterations to that session’s programme to accommodate it.  He offers good advice and will research queries if necessary.  


The Fitness Studio is well equipped and is not at all intimidating, as some larger gyms are (especially to someone of my age and level of fitness!).  The training session is entirely personal to me and as a bonus I’m allowed to select my own choice of music to exercise with!

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